Currently Montréal - le 25 octobre 2022

☁️ Généralement nuageux🌡️ Maximum 24°C 🥵 Humidex 29°C 

La météo, aujourd'hui.

Ce soir: nuageux avec nappes de brouillard.
🌡️Minimum 13°C

Mardi: alternance de soleil et de nuages.
🌡️Maximum 24°C🥵 Humidex 29°C

Mardi soir: nuageux.
🌡️Minimum 17°C

Nous aurons 10h26 (-3 minutes) de lumière du jour demain.

— Francis L

The weather, currently.

Tonight: cloudy with fog patches.
🌡️Low 13°C

Tuesday: alternating sun and clouds.
🌡️High 24°C 🥵 Humidex 29°C

Tuesday evening: cloudy.
🌡️Low 17°C

We will have 10h26 (-3 minutes) of daylight tomorrow.

—Francis L

What you need to know, currently.

We have a new op-ed from Currently’s partnership coordinator, Meg Ruttan, on the harsh realities of climate doomism and how social media tends to plays a role in inspiring fear, when it comes to the climate crisis, rather than hope.

“Like other strains of doomism, longtermism obsesses about the possibility of human extinction rather than admit that climate change is happening right now and the most privileged among us have yet to suffer its impacts,” Ruttan writes.

“In order to preserve the future of humanity, longtermism posits this:

‘If you could save a million lives to  day or shave 0.0001 percent off the probability of premature human extinction—a one in a million chance of saving at least 8 trillion lives—you should do the latter, allowing a million people to die,’ according to reporting from the Boston Review,” she continues.

“Again, this rhymes with doomism by suggesting that because it’s too late to solve climate change, it’s acceptable to close borders and hoard resources as if we are at the point of planetary collapse where survival is most important. This idea insists that the preservation of modern, Western civilization would be worth abandoning the rest of the world for. It’s simply another type of fatalism.”

Click here to read the full essay!

What you can do, currently.

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