Currently Montréal - le 16 décembre 2022

🌨️ Neige parfois forte 🌡 Maximum 0°C ❄️ Accumulations totales de 15 à 20 cm

La météo, actuellement.

Ce soir: neige après minuit. Vents du nord-est soufflants jusqu'à 50 km/h.
🌡 Minimum 1°C

Vendredi: neige parfois forte. Vents du nord-est de 30 km/h avec rafales à 50.
🌡 Maximum 0°C 🌨️ Accumulations de 5 à 10 cm

Vendredi soir: neige parfois forte.
🌡 Minimum 0°C 🌨️ Accumulations de 10 cm

Nous aurons 8:41 (-1 minute) de lumière du jour demain.

— Francis L

The weather, currently.

Tonight: snow starting after midnight. Northeast winds blowing up to 50 km/h.
🌡 Low 1°C

Friday: snow at times heavy. Northeast winds of 30 km/h gusting up to 50.
🌡 High 0°C 🌨️ Snowfall totals of 5 to 10 cm

Friday evening: snow that could get heavy at times.
🌡 Low 0°C 🌨️ Snowfall totals of 10 cm

We will have 8:41 (-1 minute) of daylight tomorrow.

—Francis L

What you need to know, currently.

The US is expecting a massive surge of cold air from the north next week. The Climate Prediction Center issued their 6-10 day outlook, and the map shows below average temperatures all next week, aside from California and parts of the American West, which will likely see above average temperatures.

However, this year, the Midwest will experiences temperatures about 80% below the region’s average.

“The risks with this will be very cold temperatures, which will affect vulnerable populations,” said Currently’s Chief Meteorologist Megan Montero. “The best thing to do ahead of a blast of cold like this one is to protect the 4 P’s. Do things to protect pets, pipes, plants and people.”

– Aarohi Sheth

What you can do, currently.