Currently Montréal - le 15 novembre 2022

🌤️ Alternance de soleil et de nuages 🌡 Maximum 2°C

La météo, aujourd'hui.

Ce soir: partiellement nuageux.
🌡️Minimum -4°C

Mardi: généralement ensoleillé. Indice UV de 2 ou bas.
🌡️Maximum 2°C 🥶 Refroidissement éolien -6°C

Mardi soir: nuageux avec neige débutant en cours de nuit.
🌡️Minimum 2°C

Nous aurons 9h28 (-3 minutes) de lumière du jour demain.

— Francis L

The weather, currently.

Tonight: partly cloudy.
🌡️Low -4°C

Tuesday: mostly sunny. UV index of 2 or low.
🌡️High 2°C 🥶 Morning wind chill -6°C

Tuesday evening: clear with some snow during the night.
🌡️Low -2°C

We will have 9h28 (-3 minutes) of daylight tomorrow.

—Francis L

What you need to know, currently.

Currently’s staff reporter, Anna Abraham, is in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, covering COP27 — the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Read Anna’s story summarizing the first week of the climate summit, the biggest issues at hand, and what work still needs to be done:

“COP27 must be remembered as the ‘Implementation COP’ — the one where we restore the grand bargain that is at the center of the Paris Agreement,” Sameh Shoukry, the minister of foreign affairs of Egypt, who was elected as the President of COP27, said at the opening ceremony of the global climate conference.

It cannot be yet another summit of promises or “blah blah blah” as Greta Thunberg once said. It needs to be one of action.

Held in Egypt’s seaside resort town, Sharm El-Sheikh, COP27 began on November 6 and will likely go on till November 19. From faulty wifi to overpriced food, the Egypt presidency has seemingly tried its best to make civil society participation as limited as possible. Even hotels are charging a “COP premium” demanding cash in hand during check-out.”

Anna will be on the ground all week, interviewing activists and attendees, follow along on in your inbox and on Twitter.

Click here to read the full article!

What you can do, currently.